Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 12
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OBD Dashboards
New to this forum. Building a car PC at the moment for

So far OA has been pretty easy to config

Mainly been using these files for configuration
1. .openauto/config/openauto_obd_pids.ini
2. '/openauto_obd_pid_info.ini
3. '/openauto_obd_dashboards.ini
4. '/openauto_system.ini

But I do have one issue.. OA comes with 4 default dashboards. I added a 5th custom dashboard which shows. However, the gauges aren't displaying any information or labels.

I also tried changing the information (label, formula etc) on default pids and it still shows the default pid information even though I changed it.
Am I missing a file here or not configuring the main source of these pids??

I see another thread in this section, about nissan extended pids, and experiencing similar issues

Any input is appreciated

Will post pics, logs or anything needed. I hope this goes somewhere and we get some solid answers to help others in the future.

Please check this post
Thank you. I knew I was missing one file
Got it to work now 100%

One more question.. I read around that an OA update might include being able to read codes off obd2? Is that available now? If so, could you give some details or a link perhaps

I'm on OAP12

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