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Collection car

I just bought a Fiat 124 from 1980. So of course I don't have any ODB socket on it. But I have instead an acquisition card we let me know some sensor value, I can wire myself temperature speed etc. Do you know how I can inject this value in Open Auto Pro, if its possible or not? Thanks
Should be possible but requires advance coding and Linux knowledge. You should create application that convert those signals into OBD PIDs and simulate connected device.
Hi Daniel,

thanks for the answer, on your side you are directly reading the PIDs, you don't expose any "API" or bus right?
I'm working on integration of this into a '76 vw bus. I'm planning my own dashboard on a seperate display however... but stalled my progress. Was going to make my own 'canbus' system and send the details to the main raspberry pi, then decipher and display it.

Rhys Morgan has some interesting stuff done.... There is another VW Bus build with a custom canbus setup, his is much better lol... A paid specialty board - but maybe worth the effort!

PS: My first car was a '75 124 Spyder! Have fun!

 - Working on dual screen setup to run 1976 bus AV and dash... eventually.
 - Work in long-term progress lol

YouTube Channel for some related videos
Thanks for the info, I m using this hardware
Sorry it's in French, this project is made by Jonathan Zéhnné, he is close to your idea, no Open Auto integration he s using this own UI.
I just want link both if possible

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