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ODB2 PID Temperature 0105 - Bad reading
I did "millions" of tests with lot of ODB2 readers and I've some conclussions :

- Too many protocols, standards, etc. Difficult to have a reader valid for all of them.
- I tried with more than 5 x OBD readers and all of them worked fine and could read the Coolant Temperature properly. Openauto could not.
- My car is old, built in 2000 , perhaps the current standard does not apply to old cars.
- All the ODB readers, when configuring, asks for the specific car model and year . Different formulas ?
- The font size , in the gauges, if can be configured, much better :-)

I hope this helps.
It might be that coolant temperature is stored in different ECU. We will add an option in next release to set the header with ECU address before the query PID execution. But it still has to be figured out what is the ECU address with coolant temp. Vehices before 2001 may not follow the standard correctly.
I can be a good beta versions tester. Good luck.
I´ll post a video of your application running in my car.....

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