Current version of the OpenAuto Pro is 12
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Description of the OBD-II configuration parameters
Configuration of OpenAuto Pro (located in /home/pi/.openauto/config/openauto_system.ini file) contains several parameters for adjustment of the OBD-II feature. Below you can find description of mentioned parameters.

ObdAdapterStartupSequence - List of the AT commands that will be send to the ELM327 adapter after connection establishment. AT commands can be used to select OBD-II protocol variant, reset the ELM327 adapter or adjust various parameters, e.g. internal timers. More info can be found at

ObdAdapterDescriptor - Path to the ELM327 device descriptor (e.g. /dev/ttyUSB0). Relevant only for adapters connected via USB.

ObdAdapterBaudrate - Baudrate of the ELM327 serial interface. This is the baudrate used to communicate between ELM327 adapter and Raspberry PI. It has nothing to do with baudrate of the OBD port. Relevant only for adapters connected via USB. More information about supported baudrate can be found in user manual of used ELM327 adapter.

ObdProbePeriod - Delay in ms between each request of a PID value. Lowering the period will increase refreshment rate of PID values. Increasing the period may improve stability of the connection (in case of any problems).

ObdDeviceType - Type of the ELM327 adapter. 0 - None; 1 - USB; 2 - Bluetooth

ObdAdapterRfCommAddress - MAC address of the ELM327 Bluetooth adapter (e.g. 00:11:22:33:44:55).

ObdAdapterRfCommChannel - Id of the RfComm channel exposed by the ELM327 Bluetooth firmware. Relevant only for adapters connected via Bluetooth. More details about RfComm channel ID can be found in user manual of used adapter.

ObdMaxNoDataResponseCount - Number of allowed NO DATA responses received from ELM327 adapter after querying PID values. Exciding the limit will result in reset of the connection to the adapter.

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